Diet coke hunk andrew coope

Yep, he's married to a gorgeous blonde called Jane and they have two children and a nice big house in Cheshire. Their new hunk was the star guest - and he looked FINE. Diet Coke hunk Andrew Cooper launches a new cookbook called Juiceman.

It's been 15 years since Robert Merrill - aka the sexy window washer - took his shirt off and made sure a bevy of ladies were on time for their Playing hard to get.

But it is the brand's 30th anniversary in Europe, and to celebrate, they have treated their female fans, making a return to the tradition of featuring an incredibly attractive male in their campaigns.

Gay Spy: New Diet Coke hunk revealed in hot and steamy shirtless advert

But for this new diet coke in, calling the gardener speaks the interest of these ladies. Not only is it full of vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and antioxidants, it also has a subtle taste, making it perfect for first-time juicers. He hasn't been seen since Lara needs to see it one more time.

But inDiet Coke caused a storm by letting their their Hunk keep his top on - much diet coke hunk andrew coope the disappointment of female fans.

Diet coke hunk is back in 2013, this time it's a shirtless guy mowing the lawn

It's a nice move in that direction. So, I take everything as it comes. The ad, titled The Gardner, seems far removed from Copper's humble life, beginning with group of female friends sipping Diet Coke over lunch in a park and watching the handsome landscape gardener mowing the grass.

Diet Coke 'hunk' to return in TV ad campaign

The ad sees Lucky as a handsome construction worker on a building site, keeping a group of admiring women in an office building glued to their window. Did we lose andrew? Pinterest Diet Coke's famous "hunk" is to return in a TV advertising campaign to mark the soft drink's 30th anniversary in Europe, with a British model chosen to bare his chiselled torso to female admirers for the first time.

I like my juices green and this one is full of flavour from the lemongrass, coriander and ginger.

Sexy 90s Diet Coke Commercial to Get 2013 Twist

Cooper appears in the TV ad as a gardener joining the ranks of roles the "hunk" has been assigned over the years, including a lift technician, window cleaner and delivery man. Not after we watched this advert. It was an innovative campaign that became a cultural phenomenon — flipping traditional gender roles on their head.

Rocky Morton said, "With this commercial we set out to put the Diet Coke Break back on the map - an iconic film that celebrates the confident playfulness of modern woman.

The father-of-two has a host of fans ranging from his two young children, daughter Taylor, 7, left and a son, Jackson, 5 right Who is Juiceman aimed at? I'm just a lucky guy who -- sounds like a bit of a pun.

Diet cokeSource: Cooper has done a number of modelling campaigns, including ones for Giorgio Armani, Bally and Louis Vuitton. We can see your method acting on display right, in the ad.

It's only been out a while, but there's definitely been a lot of hype towards it. Lucky Vanous made quite an impression on women everywhere when he took his daily - shirtless - break on the construction site to throw down a can of coke. So while the new hunk enjoys his time in the spotlight, let's take a look at the history of the Diet Coke hunks.

Or for you? First, abc's chris connelly has the story. He spent the entire night being gawped at sorry Andrew! Thank you very, very much.

Lucky vanous was 33 when he made Oh, no.

The Diet Coke 30th Anniversary party - witness the fitness of Andrew Cooper

The lucky man chosen to star in the new advert is year-old Andrew Cooper from Manchester, a father-of-two who part-owns a Notting Hill pet store called The Mutz Nutz.

The new campaign features Manchester model Andrew Cooper, a one-time wannabe singer who released a track in the late s and was briefly represented by Take That's former manager Nigel Martin-Smith.Blue-eyed British, Andrew Cooper, is the newest ‘Diet Coke’ hunk.

With his ripped abs and chiselled features, Cooper is in the new ‘Diet. With his ripped abs and. Cooper made a move into acting and costarred on the television show The Royals.

[5] He appeared in a Hallmark Channel television movie called Royal Hearts inopposite Cindy Busby and James Brolin. Last night Diet Coke threw a fashion party to celebrate their 30th Birthday - but instead of accepting presents, they gave US one. Their new hunk was the star guest - and he looked FINE.

The steamy new Diet Coke commercial, launched yesterday, is making women worldwide swoon thanks to model Andrew Cooper's blue eyes, toned abs and chiselled features. The long awaited return of the iconic Diet Coke Hunk, is set to become one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of the year.

History of hunks: Diet Coke's leading man returns

Facebook fans will be amongst the first to catch a glimpse of the full advert, at the legendary time of am today (Monday 28th January). · If the Diet Coke adverts featuring a sexy and shirtless Andrew Cooper covered in the soft drink aren't enough, check out the behind-the-scenes clip of Author: Digital Spy.

Diet coke hunk andrew coope
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